Finally, calibrate instruments anywhere!

With Morehouse Portable Calibrating Machine, you can benefit from a laboratory-grade force calibration system in the field.

 Quick-change tension adapters, quick-adjust calibration height, and quick setup will save your valuable time in the field; while the calibrator provides precision force measurements.

Morehouse Portable Calibrating Machine features:  

  •  Available capacities: up to 2000 lbf
  •  Tension and compression calibrations in one setup
  •   Fine adjustment of the calibration load
  •  Quick-Change Tension Member system to use a variety of tension adapters
  •  Quick calibration height adjustment
  •  Quick reference standard change capabilities
  •  Capable of measuring forces as low as 0.005 lbf based on the resolution of the reference standard used
  •  Low-maintenance, manual operation system


When used with a Morehouse shear web load cell, the machine accuracy will match that of the load cell standard used. Calibration and Measurement Capability will typically be better than 0.01 % of applied when two or more Morehouse Ultra Precision Load Cells used.


Control the force application by as little as 0.005 lbf. The calibrator has special alignment bearings and adapters which when used with a Morehouse shear web load cell allows the user to control the force application to within the resolution of the load cell. Example: A 1,000 lbf shear web load cell has a resolution of 0.005 lbf. 


A typical deadweight or Universal Calibrating Machine requires changing set-ups for calibrations in both compression and tension modes. The portable calibrator facilitates calibration in both modes with no need to change adapters by turning the handle clockwise for compression and counter clockwise for tension. 


Need to calibrate a button load cell or force gauge? No problem. Simply pull the latch and slide the bar up and down until the desired position is reached.

Plus, Use It Anywhere Else You Can Imagine

Really, you can use Portable Calibrator any place to capture new customers for your business. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Mount it in a mobile calibration van
  • Check in with your flight luggage
  • Travel to customers site with the protective case


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Try Portable Calibrator for 30 Days

Money-Back Guarantee

"Morehouse customers have been very happy with performances and capabilities of Portable Calibrating Machine.To make purchasing process for this new equipment easier, we are providing customers with a hassle-free 30-day trial for a limited time.

Upon ordering a machine and possibly associated adapters, we will send you all parts included on your order. You can try the machine and adapters for 30 days to make sure it satisfies your requirements. If it didn't, simply send them back to receive a full refund for the price of the machine and other returned accessories."

What buyers say about Portable Calibrating Machine?

Dan Caesar, Calibration Engineer (Testing Machine Company)

The portable calibrator testing went well! It met more than our needs in the two functions I tested, being its ability to hold load and the stability of the hand wheel.