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Morehouse Portable Calibrating Machine (Model: PCM2K) was designed with field calibration requirements in mind, and with the goal of providing all necessary force calibration tools in a portable package. This calibrator gives you accurate and stable force measurements in a robust and low-maintenance design. The system is equipped with several time-saving features that enable a quality force calibration where portability and time are of critical importance. Additionally, with Morehouse continuous support, you can expand the capabilities of this system to accommodate a wider range of force sensors such as shear web load cells, S-type load cells, force gauges, button load cells, beam load cells, etc.

An easy to use, cost-effective, hydraulic force calibration system that lasts for generations. The Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine can be used to calibrate instruments in accordance with ASTM E74, ISO 376, and other internationally recognized force standards. An automated machine will not allow the technician to calibrate analogue devices or devices without some sort of data communication. These machines often cost 50 % less than the fully automated solutions offered from other manufacturers. Accessories such as quick change tension members, tension member adapters, alignment bushings and studs are available to help adapt load cells of many varieties for calibration. 

Morehouse Hand held Force Gauge Adapter sets have been designed to calibrate handheld force gauges accurately and easily in Morehouse Portable Calibrating Machine.

Morehouse Clevis and Pin sets have been designed using manufacturer recommended pin sizes. Using the wrong pin size can turn a 0.1 % error into a 2 % error.

The kit provides many combinations and adapts to several handheld force gauges commonly available on the market.

Each kit includes one set of clevises and various pins, and can be used to calibrate numerous dynamometers and crane scales available on the market. 

This tension adapter kit was designed specifically for using with Morehouse Portable Calibrating Machine to perform force calibration in tension mode. The adapters are utilized to mount the unit under test into Portable Calibrating Machine and prepare a tension setup. 

This versatile kit, improves your measurement process, saves space, and reduces the long-term cost of purchasing many adapters for each instrument you need to calibrate. The design helps eliminate errors from eccentric forces or side loads by complying with the annex in the ISO 376 standard. 

The kit includes several thread sizes found in most commonly used force instruments available in the market, within capacities up to 2000 LBF. These adapters combined with the quick-change adapter system built into Portable Calibrating Machine help with force alignment and improve your calibration results.

The kit can be manufactured to work with any calibrating machine for force calibration in tension mode, and includes all the thread sizes for most of the common instruments on the market.